Questions?  1.303.953.6324
Questions?  1.303.953.6324
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OFN Annual Conference:   Speed up Your Due Diligence and Win

October 8-11th, 2018








Meet with Tax Guard in Chicago

Close your credit risk gap with a complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn how to:

  • Leave behind the 4506-T Tax Transcript providers that are slow, unreliable, and require multiple client touchpoints
  • Understand why federal tax liens are NOT filed nearly 1-in-5 times a business has an unpaid tax debt
  • Adapt to credit reports no longer reporting tax liens 
  • Determine your accurate credit risk when your borrower fails to pay their taxes, not when the IRS decides to file a lien

Special Offer for OFN Conference Registrants

If you fill out the form to schedule your meeting now or stop by the booth and drop off a business card you’ll automatically be eligible to win a $250 Visa gift card!

Free Consultation

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State of the Art Results

With Tax Guard you will stay competitive with solutions for upfront and ongoing risk detection

  • Quickly view borrowers’ tax return transcripts, hidden tax debts, and liens in one easy-to-read report – allowing for a more complete view of borrowers’ financial standing
  • Trigger alerts when your borrowers’ accounts have changed with the IRS, enabling you to actively manage your risk
  • Resolve your borrowers’ tax debt issues by partnering with our specialized expert team of attorneys and Enrolled Agents, so you can increase the long-term value of your customer relationships

Built for CDFI Lenders Like You

Read what others have to say about Tax Guard

“The ability to obtain tax return transcripts quicker than a 4506-T company has made us more competitive and allows for us to decrease underwriting, approval, and closing timeframes. Tax Guard has transformed what used to be a frustrating and disruptive experience into an efficient and integral part of our due diligence process.

“Tax Guard has strengthened our underwriting process by uncovering significant tax situations with our borrowers that went undetected through all other due diligence efforts. With Tax Guard’s expert support team, we are now able to help our borrowers improve their situation with the IRS and continue our lending relationships.”

Schedule 15-Minutes with a Tax Guard Small Business Lending Expert 

Ready to learn how to easily update your due diligence processes and be entered to win a $250 Visa gift card?

Questions? 1.303.953.6324