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Discover Hidden Debt Before It’s Too Late

The earliest leading indicator that a business is having a cash flow problem is when a business fails to pay taxes. You may never know about it by looking at credit reports.

Unpaid Federal Tax Debt is an Early Symptom of a Cash Flow Problem

Cash Flow Issue

When a business has a cash flow problem, taxes are last to be paid


Pays Employees 
Won’t work if unpaid


Pays Vendor
Won’t provide supplies if unpaid


Pay Rent
Landlord will evict if unpaid


Does Not Pay IRS
Figures they’ll catch up later. The IRS is slowest to act 

Our reports are the only tools to unsurface hidden debts in real-time


All leading indicators (tax debts and missing returns) show up in real-time


 Public Records Search
No longer shows tax liens or has no access to real-time tax debt information



Since unpaid tax debts are the earliest leading indicators of cash flow issues, you should know the moment when your credit risk is created, not later when the loan is in trouble.

Tax Guard is the only company that can provide this private and valuable tax data to lenders to better manage their credit risk.

 Make Confident Credit Decisions with Tax Guard’s Report 

Early knowledge of your credit risk allows you to proactively fix tax issues and predict loan performance throughout your loan lifecycle. We help you manage your credit risk and stay competitive by helping you;

  • Reduce unexpected losses
  • Have a more complete view of borrowers’ financial standing
  • Access accurate information fast
  • Placing less burden on the borrower to provide tax information 

Tax Guard reports up to 10 years of client tax history, including:

  • Outstanding federal tax debts
  • Missing tax returns
  • Tax deposit verification
  • Federal tax lien filings


Credit Risk Management Report


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