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Eliminate Non-Performing Loans From Your Portfolio

The earliest leading indicator that a business is having a cashflow and liquidity problem is when a business fails to deposit taxes or file a return

1 out of 5 bussinesses have a hidden cash-flow problem


There is over $27.6 Billion in Shadow Debt

If a business is having a hard time paying its bills on time it’s clear there’s an issue with their cashflow which is a credit risk for you. They could be going through a rough patch or even worse, about to fail. Which means your loan may default.

The IRS does not have to file a tax lien. When a business has a cashflow problem and stops paying its taxes. In fact, 20% times they don’t.

How do we know
TG has done over 1million reports and found that nearly 20% have outstanding tax debts but no tax lien has ever been filed.

Unpaid Tax Debt is a leading indicator of a cash-flow problem

It doesn’t take sophisticated modeling to show that when a business fails to pay its taxes they’re more likely to default on their loans. But there’s never been a tool to show you this in real-time, until now.

Business Has Hidden Cash-flow Problem
(Not Shown on Public Lien Search)


Loan Becomes Non-Performing
(Business Has No Cash-Flow for Loan Repayment Terms)


Tax Guard’s concise report allows you to make confident credit decisions 

Tax Guard’s deep tax expertise removes the complexity around understanding what risks borrower federal tax issues present to community banks. This allows you to loan to your customers with confidence and keep the relationships you’ve worked hard to cultivate

Lenders are unable to quickly ensure that the self-reported borrower income data is accurate and authentic in a manner that supports a positive customer experience.

Tax Guard reports up to 10 years of  client tax compliance history:

  • Outstanding liabilities
  • Missing tax returns
  • Tax deposit verification
  • Federal tax lien filings

Early knowledge of risk allows you to fix tax issues, and predict cash flow problems or financial issues before the IRS takes action.


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