Commercial Lending Fraud Solutions

by Tax Guard
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Verify your business applications by using the most accurate and in-depth source — IRS data


Identity Verification

Use IRS data to instantly verify that corporations, LLCs, partnerships and/or sole proprietorships exist and are linked to the correct EIN.

  • 25% of defaults have unverifiable identities
  • ID Check failures are 3x more likely to default


Stability and Connectedness

Assess the stability of application data and financial connections of a business.

  • Unstable businesses are 3x more likely to default
  • Businesses with 3+ connections are 2x more likely to default

ID Pay Score

Intent to Pay

Provides a measure of intent to pay using verification, stability and connections.

Score range: 300-850

  • Reduces bad rates up to 35%
  • Decline the worst 15% of applications


Reduce fraud losses up to 35%

Create a transparent application process

Integrate seamlessly with API

Approve up to 20% more applicants

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