Tax Guard helps you quickly and confidently make a credit decision to approve, deny, or renew funding by:

  • Delivering your borrowers’ federal tax return transcripts in as little as 4 hours
  • Identifying tax debts over the lifetime of the business—months, sometimes years in advance of a public record filing of a tax lien
  • Determining whether your prospect has a payment plan in place with the IRS to resolve the tax debt or not
  • Providing insight into the risk of an IRS levy against your client’s accounts that could jeopardize repayment of your funding

“My admins love Tax Guard and swear by them. The way that Tax Guard talks to people, the way it respects people and the way it gets everything expedited… I recommend Tax Guard, one hundred percent. Do business with them. It is going to help you make better underwriting decisions.”

Matthew Washington

Chief Revenue Officer, PIRS Capital, LLC

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About Tax Guard

Established in 2009, Tax Guard is a leading provider of real-time IRS tax debt data and services to help lenders accurately assess credit risks associated with potential borrowers. Commercial lenders throughout the US rely on Tax Guard’s proprietary credit risk solutions both prior to financing and throughout their lending relationships.

Headquartered in Boulder, CO, Tax Guard’s integrated solutions are designed to increase a commercial lender’s profitability based on data obtained directly from the IRS.